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If you have a lawn, you need to take several steps to keep it strong, healthy, and beautiful. These include cutting the lawn at the right height, giving it the right amount of water, and mulching on a regular basis. However, these aren’t the only things that you should do; to ensure it’s always lush and vibrant, you should also focus on reseeding lawn every three to four years.

You can reseed your lawn all by yourself, but it’s best to hire experts like ES & D Colorado Landscaping. We’re a team of lawn care and maintenance experts in Lafayette, CO, and one of our specialties is planting and reseeding. Call us now to book your appointment!

Our Seeding Process

When you get our help, the first thing we’ll do is to test your soil’s pH level and water absorption rate. This way, we’ll know if it can provide the ideal growing conditions for your desired grass type, and we can make the required corrections to improve the soil condition in your property.

After testing your soil, we’ll begin to take apart your old lawn to make way for the new one. We’ll remove the existing grass as well as any weeds and rocks, and we’ll break down clumps of hardened soil. Once the old lawn has been removed, we’ll add horticulture sand to the soil if it has drainage issues. We’ll also mix in lime (if your soil is too acidic) or sulfur (if the soil is too alkaline).

After taking the steps above, we’ll spread the seeds using a hand caster (for smaller lawns) or through a walk-behind seed caster (for larger lawns). We’ll then gently rake the seeds into the soil and provide the area with adequate water to help the seeds grow.

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