Why Average Homeowners Are Asked to Invest in Our Mulching Service

When it comes to maintaining the appearance and health of your garden, you have two choices: you can try to maintain the garden on your own or you could hire a landscaper that offers mulching to do the hard work for you! While most homeowners might think that DIY lawn maintenance and care is the best path, there are different reasons why a lawn service is always the better choice. If you’re trying to make a sound decision about the maintenance of your garden, here are a few of the benefits of contacting our local landscapers in Lafayette, CO and talking to ES & D Colorado Landscaping to learn more about our services.


For most homeowners, one of the greatest benefits of mulching is that it frees up time to devote to other tasks or activities. Employing professional landscapers allows you to maximize your time on other valuable and important matters while your garden is being maintained and taken care of without any fuss.


Despite what you believe in, hiring a professional landscaper in Lafayette, CO can actually save you money in the future. Neglecting your garden can cause certain problems including dead plants and allowing wood-boring pests and insects to invade your property. Your expenses for fixing these problems overshadows the price of hiring professionals that offer mulching that could have prevented bigger problems.


Our team has certifications in the landscaping industry, which means we have the proper training and experience to complete the work at a standard level. One of the things you should consider when hiring a landscaper is liability insurance. It’s important that you hire a lawn maintenance company with liability insurance, so you won’t have to think about the financial burden increasing due to damage caused to your property.


If you want what’s best for your garden, you should be talking to our landscapers. Most homeowners will not have the skills and knowledge of a professional who does this job for a living. Even if you do find tricks and tips on proper lawn maintenance, it won’t be specific. On the other hand, our team exactly knows what your garden needs and will be able to provide you with a specific maintenance scheme for your garden.

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