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Although you are watering and mowing the lawn regularly, you still notice that there brown patches on some areas of the lawn. Because of this, you decided to add fertilizer to try and revitalize that section of the lawn. However, there are still no changes even after using organic fertilizer. Perhaps it has something to do with the soil. You might want to try adding mulch. If you don’t know how, consider hiring a lawn service provider such as yours truly, ES & D Colorado Landscaping. We can improve the quality of the soil on your property in Lafayette, CO.

Why Add Mulch?

Adding mulching to your lawn maintenance routine can be beneficial, especially if you are looking to improve the quality of your soil. Adding mulch can significantly improve the soil quality because it provides the nutrients that the soil needs. The more nutrients it has, the more the roots will be able to absorb, which then leads to a healthier growth of all of the plants in the area. If you decide to add mulch, you should hire a lawn service provider to help you get started.

Let Us Add Mulch to Your Soil!

Our mulching service will deal with the entire dirt bed, and we will make sure that the mulch will be evenly distributed. But before we start with the process, we will first consult with you to determine whether you will prefer organic or non-organic mulch. Once you have decided on either one, we can suggest suppliers that sell quality mulch. Upon application, we will carefully place them on top of the soil, carefully avoiding the plants because it could kill them. Have us add the mulch to your soil, and see the improvements for yourself!

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ES & D Colorado Landscaping is a lawn service provider that can properly add mulch to the soil so that all your flora will grow healthier. Want to improve the quality of the soil on your property in Lafayette, CO? Call us at (720) 351-3289 right away!

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